The Light Bulb

USA, 2006 / FICTION/ 16MM, COLOR, 10:30 MIN

On his last day at home, an old man finds the opportunity to prove something important to himself and his granddaughter, before leaving his memories behind.


  • Cinematexas International Film Festival 2006. Texas, USA
  • Cuzco International Film Festival. FENACO 2006.


  • Grandfather: Jerry Turman
  • Granddaughter: Madalyn Blackberby
  • Mother: Wendy Zavaleta


  • Written, produced and directed by: Marianela Vega Oroza
  • Assistant Director: Javier Bonafont
  • Production Design: Javier Bonafont
  • Direction of Photography: Maru Buendía-Senties
  • Location Sound: Nazarin Shirazi
  • Editing: Marianela Vega Oroza
  • Sound design: Glenn Eanes, Marianela Vega Oroza
  • Music: Kiko Sánchez Monzón