Lupe is 81 years old and lives in Austin, Texas.

She started cleaning houses to earn money at a very young age. Years later, she became a teacher.

She followed her mother’s advice and never married. But she became a mother when she adopted her sister’s children; then she became a grandmother and later a great grandmother..

Every Sunday she attends the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Austin. Here, depending on the time, the Mass is given in English or Spanish.

Lupe wakes up early every morning to make breakfast for her granddaughter and great grandchildren. They rush to school and work, leaving the house in silence. Lupe stays there, waiting for the moment when they’ll be back.

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Photo series selected for the 4th Showcase of Latin American Documentary and Photography in Albacete, Spain.

Juana Teran Pompa is 32 years old. She lives and works in the Agricultural Cooperative Atahualpa Jerusalem at the Porcon Farm in Cajamarca, a town in the North of the Peruvian Andes. She weaves blankets, bags and other products with ovine and vicuna wool. Juana works with her husband Segundo, she weaves and he makes the product. The largest orders are for the United States and when deadline approaches, they have to work on Saturdays and even Sundays to complete the order. Juana works from 9am to 5pm. Then she starts the walk back home with her Segundo. She carries a bag full of potatoes on her back - some of which were her lunch – and climbs up the hill with 55 pounds weight on her shoulders

When she gets home a new job starts: making the family dinner. Her youngest son, Carlitos (5), plays around; climbs on top of her and doesn’t leave her alone for a second. Juana looks tired but plays patiently with Carlitos while she finishes cooking. Her other two sons, Eliseo (10) and Eder (16) sit next to her quietly. It is night time, dinner is ready. Juana serves the food and the family sits down for dinner.

The next morning at 4am a new day begins for Juana. She carries a bag on her back and starts to walk down the hill on her way to the weaving shop.