Payasos / Clowns (2009)

PERÚ – USA, 2009/ SUPER 16MM. 23 MIN

Based on the short story Ciudad de Payasos by Daniel Alarcon, Payasos tells the story of Chino, a young journalist who, after his father´s death takes refuge in the world of street clowns. 

Awards and Festivals:

  • Best fiction short and Best short film at  FILMOCORTO. Lima Film Festival 2009
  • Official Selection at Festival Cine Las Americas. Austin, Texas. 2010.
  • Best short film CONACINE 2010. Peru.


Text by Emilio Bustamante

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Conversations II (2007)

PERÚ – USA, 2007 / DV, SUPER 8MM/ 16 MIN

Conversations II is an intimate look at the female universe, a journey in time through evoking images and testimonies of women from the same family.  The personal search of a daughter in the lives of her mother and grandmother, contrasting the dreams, visions and experiences of three generations. 

Awards and Festivals:

  • Official Selection at Festival Cine Las Americas, Austin, Texas, 2009
  • Best Documentary Film and Gender Award, FENACO, 2008, Cuzco, Peru
  • Best Documentary Short at Uframe Film Festival, 2008, Portugal
  • Best Documentary Film and Best Director FILMOCORTO, Peru, July 2008
  • Official Selection at Sydney Latin American Film Festival, March 2008
  • Official Selection at Muestra de Documentales y Fotografías de América Latina. Albacete, Spain, April 2008
  • Official Selection at Sehsuechte 08 Film Festival. Germany, April 2008
  • Screening at the Center of Contemporary Culture in Barcelona CCCB, as part of the program “One month, one artist”. Spain, December 2007
  • Official Selection at Cancun International Film Festival CIFF2007. Mexico
  • Best Short Film at CONACINE 2007. Peru
  • Best Short Film at Señorita Cinema Film Festival, 2007. Texas, USA
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The light bulb (2006)

USA, 2006 / 16 MM, COLOR/ 10:30 MIN

On his last day at home, an old man finds the opportunity to prove something important to his granddaughter- and to himself- before leaving his memories behind.

Awards and Festivals:

  • Official Selection at Cinematexas International Film Festival 2006. USA.
  • International Film Festival of Cusco, FENACO 2006. Honorable Mention.
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Conversation I (2005)

USA, 2005 / DV / 6 MIN

An intimate conversation between mother and daughter where past decisions, current fears and future expectations are confronted.  The filmmaker confronts her mother’s testimony – received from far away on audio tapes – and compares it with her own experiences through a journey of images of family archives. 

Awards and Festivals:

  • Selected for the show One Month One Artist. Center of Contemporary Culture in Barcelona CCCB. December, 2007
  • 10 under 10 Documentary Showcase, Austin -Texas and Guanajuato- Mexico, 2007
  • Collective Screening All dressed in White. Women and their Work Gallery, Austin, Texas, September 2006.
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Distancia (2004)

PERÚ, 2004 / DV / 11 MIN

Distancia (Distance) is an audiovisual ritual, a farewell to a space and time.  The departure from the family home and a recollection of memories, words and objects projected on the walls of the house, in an attempt to bring them back to life on last time, before moving on.

Awards and Festivals:

  • Week of Experimental Cinema in Madrid. November, 2004
  • Finalist at “Passport for an artist” organized by the French Embassy in Peru. August 2004.
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Away (2002)

USA. 2002 / DV / 12 MIN

Away combines animation and video in the shape of a personal journal that explores the internal process of adjusting to a new place and the ideas, feelings and conflicts that arise from the experience of not belonging.

Awards and Festivals:

  • Festival de Cine de Huesca.  Selection of Peruvian short films. Spain, 2005
  • Week of Experimental Film in Madrid, Spain. November 2004
  • First National Biennial of Cinema and Video, Lima, Peru. April 2004
  • Honorary Mention at the Short Film Competition CONACINE 2004. Perú
  • Segunda Muestra de Documental Independiente Peruano. Lima, Peru. December 2003
  • Cinematexas International Film Festival. USA, September 2003
  • VII Encuentro Latinoamericano de Cine PUCP. Peru. August 2003
  • Documentary exhibit “Ten under Ten”, Austin, Texas, USA. May 2003.
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Ausencia (2002)

PERÚ, 2002 / DV / 43 MIN

The death of a loved one leaves a void. In Ausencia, this void is materialized in a space where we meet Jorge, Amalia and Verónica, their stories and the people they lost. Through their memories, the void is filled for a moment.

Awards and Festivals:

  • Week of Experimental Film in Madrid. Spain, 2005
  • 4th Showcase of Documentary Film and Photography from Latin America”. Albacete, Spain. May 2004
  • 1ra Bienal nacional de Cine y Video. Lima, Perú. Honorable Mention. April 2004.
  • 1ra Muestra Documental Independiente Peruano. Lima, Peru. July 2003
  • VI Encuentro Latinoamericano de Cine. Lima, Peru. August 2002
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